WHAT: A series of full day anti-racism workshops for community members. It is a workshop which is meant for anyone actively engaged in efforts for social change (or would like to be). Each of these workshops will explore institutional racism, white privilege, and how people, especially white people, can put this analysis into practice to build powerful, multiracial movements for justice.

WHEN: Full-day trainings will be held 9am – 4pm on:
Saturday, October 25, St. Michaels College (SMC)
Sunday, October 26, University of Vermont (UVM)
Monday, October 27, Aldrich Library, Barre
Thursday, October 30, Brattleboro Union High School (BUHS) (New!)
Saturday, November 1, Vermont Workers’ Center, Burlington
Sunday, November 2, University of Vermont (UVM)

WHO: These trainings are being coordinated by the Vermont Workers’ Center and facilitated by the Catalyst Project, which is based in San Francisco. The Vermont Workers’ Center is a movement-building community-based workers’ organization based in Burlington. Sponsors of these trainings include:  ALANA Community Organization, Burlington Livable City Coalition, Community Service Programs of Student Life (UVM), Dept of Multicultural Student Affairs (SMC), New Directions of Barre, Post Oil Solutions,  SMC Peace & Justice Center, Students For Peace & Global Justice (UVM), Student Labor Action Project (UVM), Student Labor Action Movement (SMC) and Vermont Anti-Racism Action Team (VARAT).

The training will be led by long-time anti-racist activists Chris Crass and Ingrid Chapman of the Catalyst Project:

Chris Crass is an organizer and trainer with the Catalyst Project, a center for political education and movement building. He has worked in struggles for economic, racial and gender justice for the past 20 years. His essays on collective liberation politics, anti-authoritarian leadership, feminism, and movement building have been published widely in Left Turn, Clamor and on ZNet and Infoshop.org.  

Ingrid Chapman is a working class organizer and trainer with the Catalyst Project. Her roots within social and economic justice organizing began as a leading member of the global justice movement in the late ’90s. Ingrid has led Catalyst Project’s New Orleans Solidarity Program, working with the Peoples’ Hurricane Relief Fund and Common Ground supporting the struggles for the right of return and equitable rebuilding. The last 5 years she has worked with Oakland residents in struggles for tenant rights, community safety and alternatives to incarceration and policing.

REGISTER: Fee is $25 for adults, students/youth are free. Lunch included. Register for any one of the full-day workshops at www.workerscenter.org/register (space is limited)

More Info: Contact James Haslam at 802-272-0882 or james@workerscenter.org