Adopted at 1/18/03 Steering Committee Meeting

WHEREAS, the Vermont Workers’ Center has, in its mission, already resolved to fight for economic justice for all workers; and,

WHEREAS, the burdens and dangers of war would fall disproportionately on working people, the poor, and people of color, both at home and abroad; and

WHEREAS, we have no quarrel with the working-class in Iraq who will suffer most, having already suffered long under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and sanctions; and

WHEREAS, under the ongoing war on terrorism, corporate interests received taxpayer bailouts and tax cuts, yet ordinary workers face serious economic problems that are not addressed; job losses, falling wages, health-care insecurity, pension and 401k losses; and

WHEREAS, the war will dramatically increase military spending. Vermont’s share is estimated now at $143 million. The cost of the war necessitates cuts in essential services; education, housing, social security, unemployment benefits, healthcare, transportation, clean water and air, all at a time when our tax dollars could be used for retraining and jobs, and to plug local deficits caused by tax cuts.

WHEREAS, the war covers for corporate corruption and union-busting; the federal government’s use of Taft-Hartley against the ILWU, the privatization of public jobs (AFGE) under the Homeland Security Act, and other offenses to the right of workers to protest, organize, and strike; and

WHEREAS, workers responded to 9/11 with heroism, and have always responded with the public at heart. The USA PATRIOT act and similar measures invade privacy and expand government’s ability to detain workers based on mere suspicion, to conduct telephone and internet surveillance and secret searches, and to define people engaged in political protest as “domestic terrorists”. The TIA and TIPS programs will further scrutinize our economic and personal lives; and

WHEREAS, all of Vermont’s Congressmen voted against this war, and the AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney expressed concern about the motives for this war and its domestic components; and

WHEREAS, fear increases racism, and U.S. citizens feel no more secure after war in Afghanistan; and,

WHEREAS, there is no credible evidence linking Iraq to the 9/11 attacks; and

WHEREAS, we value the lives of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, who will have to fight in this war, more than control of Middle East oil; and,

WHEREAS, “pre-emptive”, “unilateral” policies do not represent the necessary global perspective; genuine security will be achieved only by fighting world-wide for social and economic justice, therefore:

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Vermont Workers’ Center publicly opposes the war on Iraq; and we urge supportive members and affiliates to get involved in local efforts to stop this war.