1. UVM WORKERS GET CONTRACT: Thanks for your help!On October 11, members of UE Local 267 ratified a three year agreement guaranteeing all members a minimum wage increase of 4% retroactive to July 1, 2006 and at least 4% in each of the nexttwo years. The contract was the culmination of seven months ofbargaining during which UE members wore stickers and buttons andparticipated in a number of rallies. With the support of students, faculty, staff and the community,the local was successful in making some significant stridestoward a Livable Wage. Under the Agreement all current workers will be making a minimum of $11.46 per hour by the third yearof the contract. According to UE Local 267 President Carmyn Stanko, “While thiscontract represents a number of important victories for ourmembers, we will continue to work with students, staff, facultyand the community to implement a full Livable Wage for all UVM workers. We will also continue our coalition work with otherBurlington Unions to make Burlington a Livable City.”Last spring UE members supported students in the constructionand occupation of the Livable Wage Tent City on the green andhave been working in solidarity with the UVM Student LaborAction Project (SLAP), the Workers’ Center and other localunions and community organizations. To learn more about how toget involved with the Burlington Labor Coalition’s Livable CityCampaign, send an email to info@workerscenter.org
  2. VERIZON FORUM SUCCESS: Over 90 people came out to lastweek’s Public Forum on Impact of Verizon Leaving Vermont – “WillVermont’s Information Superhighway Be Turned Into a Dirtroad?” The panel and discussion were facilitated by Congressman BernieSanders and included other Vermont Workers’ Rights Board membersRabbi Joshua Chasan, Rep. Helen Head (D – S. Burlington), Rep.Mark Larson (D – Burlington), Rep. Floyd Nease (D – Johnson), Katherine Nopper – UVM student leader/SLAP and Rep. David Zuckerman(P-Burlington). Also on the panel were Chris Campbell -Direcetor of Telecom, Dept of Public Service, Maureen Connelly -Economic Development Council, Northern VT and Beth Fastiggi,Verizon spokesperson. There was an outstanding turnout of Verizon workers and their families giving powerful testimony. Concerned community members drove from as much two hours away toexpress their dismay about increasing the digital divide.Vermont has seen too many good jobs disappear, this time,because Verizon is a regulated utility we can fight to keep these jobs and access to broadband to our rural communities.Stay tuned how to get involved. To learn more about thiscampaign and see photos and testimony from the Forum go to:http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/4dqkb361quuT/


Oct 20: UVM SLAP’s ‘Festivus – Livable Wages for the Rest of Us”SLAP is leading the fight for livable for all workers at UVM,actual employees and contracted workers. They invite you to come have fun and protest for livable wagesfor all campus workers with FREE FOOD and MUSIC! Friday October20th 3:30-6:00 at the UHights amphitheater. Presented by theStudent Labor Action Project and Students for Peace & GlobalJustice. Rain site to be announced if necessary. Contact uvmslap@riseup.net for more info

Nov. 1: UVM Basic Needs Bake Sale #2 . On Weds, November 1, from9:00am-2:00pm in front of the Bailey-Howe Library on the UVMmain campus. UVM Staff are hoping to raise awareness and raiseconsciousness about livable wage issues on campus. Come one,come all for some yummy affordable treats and some gooddiscussion of livable wages at UVM. Sponsored by United StaffCampaign Organizing Committee.

Nov. 3: Rally at UVM 12 noon, Friday, Nov. 3rd outside theWaterman Building. The Student Labor Action Project (SLAP) hasset this date as a deadline goal for UVM President Fogel toapprove the Basic Needs Task Force recommendations to establishlivable wages for all UVM employees and contracted workers atthe university.

HEALTHCARE SHOULD BE A RIGHT: If you haven?t yet, please signthe petition: http://www.unionvoice.org/ct/41qkb361quuY/