Social Justice Film Series, 7pm, Fri, Feb 8

Vermont Workers’ Center Social Justice Film Series presents:

7:00pm, Workers’ Center, 294 N. Winooski Ave, Burlington. Free public event. This powerful film that tells the untold story of the massive movement within the military to end the Vietnam War. Sir No Sire is a feature-length documentary which focuses on the efforts by troops in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War to oppose the war effort by peaceful demonstration and subversion. It speaks mainly to veterans, but serves as a ready reminder to civilians that soldiers may oppose war as stridently as any civilian, and at greater personal peril. 

On January 21, the Vermont Workers’ Center started there ongoing Social Justice Film Series with the powerful film “At The River I Stand” and then on January 25th played “SiCKO”. Each film drew a couple of dozen local residents. After “Sir No Sir” the Social Justice Film Series presents “The Take” at 7pm on February 22nd.

More info: Call 861-2877 or email info [at]