Human Rights Hearing: “Healthcare is a Human Right” to be held at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro, Thursday September 25 at 7:00 p.m. 

Brattleboro – For months volunteers for the Vermont Workers’ Center have been surveying Vermonters from all across the state, including many in the Brattleboro community. The results have been clear: Vermonters believe that healthcare should be a human right.

The state, however, has come up short on this issue. More than 11 percent of all Vermonters are without health insurance, including more than 11,000 children. Thousands more are woefully under-insured, and cannot afford their costly premiums and co-pays, which are only rising as the cost of healthcare soars.

The Vermont Workers’ Center is currently undertaking its “Healthcare is a Human Right” campaign to help end this injustice. The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness and build a movement that can help reform the state’s system so it will guarantee care to all Vermonters, regardless of income. On Thursday, September 25, this discussion is coming to Brattleboro at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. The event begins at 7:00 p.m. (refreshments will be available).

Community faith leaders and healthcare professionals and other community leaders will serve on a Community Listening Panel to hear testimony from residents. Speakers will address the failure of the state’s healthcare system, the plight of those who try to navigate through it, and effective ways to bring about change. The event will give members of the community a chance to share stories highlighting how our flawed system has caused them suffering and hardship. 

“We have learned that Vermonters really view healthcare as something that should be a human right — a value that we all share,” said Ellen Schwartz, a Brattleboro resident and a volunteer for the Workers’ Center. “We are also have found people who have experienced a great deal of suffering because we do not have this right. This hearing will be an opportunity to make some of these stories heard.”

Similar “Human Rights Forums” will be held all across the state, in the coming months as the Workers’ Center continues its effort to fight for a just healthcare system that values human lives over profit — an attainable goal, given Vermont’s passionate and engaged citizenry.

All are welcome. For more information visit, or call Erika Simard at 802-316-7827

Other sponsors for the events include: Vermont Citizens Campaign For Health (VCCH), ALANA Community Organization and CLEA.