Let’s Engage Our Members to Bring Our Troops Home . . .
and Take Care of Them When They Return

70% of Americans are against the war in Iraq. Yet our political leaders have failed to end it. We must find new ways to force an end to U.S. military involvement in Iraq. It is up to US to provide the 70% Solution! That’s what this letter is about.

President Bush wants another $190 billion to continue the occupation and war. He now seems intent on attacking Iran as he sends more forces to Iraq. Doing so will not only kill numerous innocent Iranians, but will also expose our troops in Iraq to a horrific backlash by pro-Iranian Iraqis. Such a reckless attack will only further isolate the U.S. in the world.

It’s time to show the politicians that we’re not as apathetic as they apparently think. We elected them to get us out of this mess, not to drag it on. We don’t want more of their empty promises, phony compromises, contrived goals and meaningless benchmarks. We want this war ended now. We won’t accept anything else. 

Since President Bush refuses to end it, we must tell Congress to exercise its authority to stop funding the war and instead to fund an immediate rapid withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. It is the only way to truly support our troops, and end this nightmare. Let’s use our resources to fully fund services to vets, provide universal health care, rebuild the Gulf, and meet numerous other human needs. 

We need to draw more of our members who have yet to take action to actively oppose the war. Let’s press our demands for an immediate end to the bloodshed, shattered lives, wasted resources, abuses of power, and inadequate funding that has deprived the VA system the resources needed to provide world-class care our vets deserve.

Let’s ask our members to join the Nationwide Iraq Moratorium

The Iraq Moratorium is a simple, powerful organizing idea. On the 3rd Friday of the month, starting September 21st – and again on October 19th and November 16th – all those who oppose the occupation of Iraq are asked to take an action to call for bringing our troops home now from Iraq, and taking care of them when they return.

We want to encourage locals to explore what you can do with workplaces actions. We favor actions that can be built in an organized way. Here are some ideas:

· Wear stickers
· Distribute a handout on the cost of the war to Vermont
· Organize a call-in, write-in or petition signing to Congress during breaks
· Ask people to do Congressional district office visits
· Show “Meeting Face to Face,” a documentary about the U.S. tour of Iraqi labor leaders 
· Vigil near the VA hospital with signs saying, “Fund Vets’ Services, Not the War.”

For stickers, flyers, or the video, contact Vermont Labor Against the War – a coalition of the Vermont AFL-CIO, Champlain Valley and Washington-Orange-Lamoille Labor Councils, and Vermont Workers Center – at: traven_L@earthlink.net or 55 E. Bear Swamp Rd., Middlesex, VT 05602; tel. 802-522-3484

Working together, we in organized labor can provide a big part of the “70% Solution.” We do it for our troops. We do it for our families. We do it for our country. We do it to defend our democracy. We do it for peace. If we don’t do it, who will?