On Saturday, September 29th twenty members of the Vermont Workers’ Center (VWC) spent the day discussing priorities and next steps. In 2006, VWC members decided that they would prioritize leadership development and laid the foundation to start the VWC Solidarity School and established the principle of: We believe that the most effective means of change is when people engage in collective action to place direct demands upon those who hold power.

Now entering its 10th year, priorities for 2008 and beyond include:
– Building off VWC Solidarity School 2007 to expand popular education and organizing training opportunities for VWC members.
– Creating a Healthcare Action Committee to fight to make quality health care publicly financed and a basic right for every Vermont resident
– Expanding an building the Burlington Livable City Campaign to include workers who work in more industries  
– Exploring getting a building in Burlington to open up a real Workers Center!
– Starting a VWC Art Committee to make puppets and other creative props for actions and events
– Building the Student Labor Action Project statewide
– Continuing to mobilize solidarity for any group of workers who organize for more rights, building Vermont Labor Against The War, operating the Vermont Workers’ Rights Hotline and supporting the Justice For Healthcare Workers Campaign.  

Email james [at] workerscenter.org if you are interested in learning more about getting involved in the above areas and/or let us know other issues you would like to work on.