On April 7th, World Health Day, over fifty people rallied outside the Vermont statehouse calling on Governor Scott to put life over profit by treating healthcare as a human right.

WATCH the Facebook Livestream of the World Health Day Rally.

Demonstrators denounced immoral profiteering by drug and health insurance companies, for-profit nursing homes, and corporate hospital networks like UVM Health Network / OneCare Vermont. 

Participants delivered 600 petition signatures to Governor Scott demanding his administration expand Medicaid to everyone in Vermont, investigate for-profit nursing homes, and cut the OneCare contract, asserting public control over our hospitals and clinics.

We also joined social movements around the world in demanding the US government end vaccine apartheid by lifting the patents and treating Covid-19 vaccines as a global public good.

“Even as vaccines are rolling out here in the US, we understand that billions of poor people — our people — in Asia, Africa and Latin America may not receive their first dose of the vaccine for years,” said St. Johnsbury resident Julie Brisson. “We’re here to say to Governor Scott and all of our public officials: Stop the war on the poor!”

Rally photo
Don't Profit off our Misery!
Calling for healthcare for all
Vaccines for all!