Lunchtime Forum and Press Conference:
Moratorium on the Budget Cuts and Layoffs, Full Disclosure of UVM’s Finances
12-1 pm Wednesday, December 17
Chittenden Room, Davis Center 4th floor, UVM
Sponsored by Students, Staff, and Faculty Together

This week, as President Fogel hands deans their budget-cutting targets, the new coalition Students, Staff, and Faculty Together will hold a lunchtime public forum and press conference to call for

* a moratorium on budget cuts and layoffs
* full disclosure of Vice President Cate’s audit and analysis of the university’s finances and budget assumptions/priorities
* if cuts must be made, cut from the top

Scheduled for 12 to 1 pm in the Chittenden Room, Davis Center, the press conference will feature speakers from United Staff; UE Local 267, representing UVM’s maintenance and service workers; the Student Labor Action Project and Students Against War; plus faculty who support United Academics’ call for transparency in budget decisions and stand with students and staff against the administration’s announced plans for expanding the student body while imposing a hiring freeze, workload increases, and layoffs.