On March 8, 1908, working women in the needle trade industry took to the streets of New York City demanding better working conditions, higher wages, shorter workdays and the overall improvement of women’s lives in this country. This year, on the 100th anniversary of that historic march, commemorated since 1910 as International Women’s Day, join the Vermont Workers’ Center in honoring all the working women who have fought for social justice with a short film, a panel discussion about working women’s struggles in Vermont, and a social with refreshments and live music by VWC’s own group, the Wildcat Strikers.

6pm Screening of With Babies and Banners, which tells the story of the women who became the backbone of The Great General Motors Sit Down Strike of 1937 — the labor movement’s key to the successful drive for industrial unionism and a better life for working Americans.

7pm Panel discussion on the history of organizing around women’s economic issues in Vermont and the history of the Women’s Union, led by Elaine McCrate, Economics Professor at UVM.

8pm Refreshments, socializing and live music by the official band of the Vermont Workers’ Center, the Wildcat Strikers.

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