Almost 600 hospital technicians at Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) are organizing to form a union, as the nurses did back in 2002. The techs and nurses are now calling on FAHC Administration to recognize their right to organize and not waste thousands of healthcare dollars on an expensive anti-union campaign. Since they formed a union in 2002 they have improved their working conditions to such a degree that what was a critical nursing shortage virtually disappeared. The union simply made the hospital a better place to work. When they formed a union there were about 1200 nurses, now there are over 1600, and the overall patient care at the hospital has improved dramatically. Now the hospital tech’s are organizing for the same reasons, to ultimately create better care at our community hospital.  Just like we supported the nurses back in 2002 and have continued over the years during their struggles to improve staffing at the hospital, we need to be support the hospital techs.Sign this petition either via email (please see directions
below) or via the web at:

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Here is a Burlington Free Press article about a recent press conference with the Techs calling for the FAHC Admin agree to a Code of Conduct to respect workers’ right to organize.