On Feb. 9th, the Burlington Free Press ran a story about the 29,000 people at risk of losing Medicaid in the coming year.

Anders Aughey, a VWC member profiled for the article, was previously on Medicaid and is now on a Vermont Health Connect plan with a $224 monthly premium (after subsidy) and a $7,150 deductible.

“I feel like I’m not insured because I don’t want to go to the doctor or get a prescription and pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket in addition to my premium,” Aughey said. “I can’t afford that. I keep having health insurance in case of the worst case scenario − I get cancer or get in a car accident − but it’s not really working for me.”

“My health care was better when I was on Medicaid, and I spent less time navigating my options and having to wonder what things would cost,” he said.

Andy Lindquist, a barista and bookseller from Norwich was also featured in the article.

“A lot of people get critical of Medicaid − you’re not working hard enough, you should just get a job where you’re covered by your employer,” said Lindquist.

“It’s not that simple. I work really hard. I think I add a lot to my community. I feel like I do everything right and I don’t think anybody should feel like they have to (change jobs) to deserve health care. That’s not how it should work.”