The Velan Valve workers reached an agreement last night and went back to work today. Mark Nadeau, IAM Local 2704 union president, he said they reached a compromise on health care insurance, still a hike but not as big as the company wanted. Thank you to everyone who stopped by their picket line to demonstrate support (and all those who were planning on heading down today!)

Mark thought that he and other IAM Local 2704 union members would definitely be interested in joining the VWC Healthcare Action Committee to make health care publicly financed and a basic right for every Vermonter.  

If you would also be interested in getting invovled with a VWC Healthcare Action Committee let us know, email james [at]

Also, two VWC members were in Peter Freyne’s column in Seven Days this week. Jen Henry, RN and President of the Fletcher Allen nurses union and UPV/AFT and Matt Howard from Iraq Vets Against The War. Check it out, there’s a photo of Jen.