Tell the board: Reject the health insurance rate increase!

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Vermont is requesting a 12.7% average rate hike for next year's Vermont Health Connect plans - an increase which would raise healthcare premiums for over 70,000 people in Vermont who have BCBS plans. The Green Mountain Care Board has the power to approve, amend, or reject the proposed rate hikes, and held a series of public forums and a public comment period in which dozens of Vermont residents spoke out against the rate hike.

PLEASE NOTE: The public comment period is now closed. The Board will announce its final decision on Thursday, August 10th. Please feel free to submit your healthcare story below, but note that it will not be sent to the GMCB, as they are no longer accepting public comment.

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Tell your story below about how rate hikes impact you and your family, focusing on questions of quality, affordability, and access to care - three of the core criteria used by the GMCB in its determinations on whether to approve rate filings.
I give permission to the Vermont Workers' Center to submit my story as a public testimony to the Green Mountain Care Board.
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